Claudia Wacker Novamondo

»Designing outstanding platforms for people and their stories so that their valuable knowledge becomes visible and thus inspires other people for positive change in the world - this requires forward thinkers for future-proof solutions and sustainable design concepts.«

Claudia, Mid Project Manager

About Claudia Wacker:

Claudia Wacker is project manager and agile consultant. She manages forward-looking projects with our clients and is always in close contact with all stakeholders in order to effectively and comprehensively accompany all process steps and to bring together the interests of all parties involved for the benefit of all. Together with our creative team, she develops sustainable strategies and innovative concepts to help shape the future together and actively.


Claudia Wacker

Mid Project Manager
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  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Model Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Project Management
  • Stakeholder Analyses
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