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The new design of the Völkerrechtsblog

The Völkerrechtsblog is an academic blog on all questions of international law and international legal thought. It was created in 2014 out of the firm conviction that academic discourse must include voices from all regions of the world, which is why all content on the Völkerrechtsblog is 'open access'.

Together with the editors of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and a selected peer group consisting of international authors of the blog, we developed a modern and timeless as well as reader-friendly blog design with a strong focus on interactive user experience. 

We also wanted to express the theme of 'Open Access' visually, so that the design of the blog would authentically carry the content. We therefore decided on a prominent use of the classic RGB blue as the primary colour of the corporate design, which was often used as a mark-up colour for links in the early days of the internet. With this, we connect the idea of the blog to create an open discourse on the topic of international law and link this with the basic idea of the internet to provide everyone in the world with barrier-free access to all information.

  • Corporate Design
  • Web Design UI/UX (User Interface und User Experience Design)
  • Frontend and Backend Development
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