User-centered Design for Researchers

Markenkommunikation des Max-Planck-Instituts für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

The MPIWG is one of more than 80 research institutes of the Max Planck Society. The MPIWG investigates how new categories of thinking, proving and experiencing between science and culture have emerged in human history.

We were commissioned to redesign the corporate design, the website and various print media of the renowned institute.

  • Corporate Design
  • Printdesign
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design

UX Strategy and UI Design of the New Website

A central challenge of the relaunch was to develop a user-friendly information architecture and navigation principles that provide a logical structure for first-time visitors and returning users.

In order to improve the understanding of the website users, we conducted qualitative interviews with international scientists during the development of the UX strategy and analysed the central information needs of the users by card-sorting.

Based on these interviews, we reviewed the structure tree of the website and derived a needs-oriented variant.

UX and UI design were developed by us in closely sequenced concept and design sprints. The design was based on the visual metaphor of a paper box as a scientific tool. Our “virtual slip box” is designed to facilitate linking, retrieval and targeted searches for scientific topics and content. By transferring this principle to the website, the content networking of the contents can be presented visually.

The result of our work is a frontend prototype which can be used as a living style guide for further technical implementation in Drupal.

Responsives Design (mobile Version)

Corporate Design and Design of the Print Media

As a derivation from the design of the website, we renewed the MPIWG’s corporate design and applied it to print communication. For this purpose we developed templates and templates for the various applications of the institute.

The results are compiled in a design manual and used as a template for applying the new design to all channels – from print to digital.

Andreas Huthwelker
Director Strategy Consulting
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