Stories of a Guest Community

Markenkommunikation für die Lindenberg-Hotels

The hotels of the Lindenberg Group do not see themselves as a classic hotel, but as a community of guests that makes the stay a truly communal experience. We developed the associated brand concepts for the first Lindenberg Hotel and the new LIBERTINE location in Frankfurt am Main.

  • Corporate Design
  • Illustration
  • Brand Strategy
  • Printdesign
  • Interior Design/Guidance Systems
Illustrationen des visuellen Erscheinungsbildes

Visual Appearance

In the hotels, the visual image of the brand is transferred via illustrations and graphic elements to furnishings, home accessories and walls. For this high quality handcrafted staging of the brand design, we worked closely with the Berlin designer Kathi Kaeppel, who designed the interior. A specially developed font is also used, which contains mysterious characters in addition to letters, thus telling stories about the imaginary homeowner “LIBERTINE”.

The Magazine 1/4

The LIBERTINE brand stands for relationships with the people and the direct surroundings of Alt-Sachsenhausen. The magazine “¼” tells stories that enable guests to explore new places around the hotel. The magazine also introduces the people behind it and creates points of contact between the guest community and the long-established “originals” of Old Saxony.

It was awarded a bronze nail by the Art Directors Club Germany in 2017.

Andreas Huthwelker
Director Strategy Consulting
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