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Website Relaunch of the HWR Berlin

The Berlin School of Economics and Law stands for a pronounced practical orientation, intensive and diverse research, high quality standards and a strong international focus. It has five departments and two central institutes.

The aim of the extensive technical, content and design relaunch of the website, which we helped to implement, was primarily to support student marketing and the study information process, which is mapped via the website.

  • Frontend Development
  • Service Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
Startseite der Website

The project was divided into different phases. A content audit was used to record the complex contents of the previous website and a concept for the transfer to the new website format was created. Stakeholder analyses, the development of personas and user-journey maps, which are based on the information process of students, provided important insights that form the basis for the UX strategy. In addition, wireframes were created along the defined click paths derived from web tracking analyses and the information architecture was finalized in the form of structure trees.

The user interface design (UI) works with the principle of offset, which is derived from the preceding HWR logo. In the UI design, this creates white spaces that are used for a clear layout composition. In order to test the animation behaviour of the design, simple prototypes were used in very early layout phases, which simulated the layout during interaction and movement and made it testable.

Special attention was paid to the design of the target group-specific distribution pages. For example, area entrances such as “Studium” were used for a dedicated target group approach and designed to be more communicative.

Special attention was also paid to the tabular presentation of the study courses with filter options. The responsive presentation of the table was a particular challenge for the UI design.

Webtrackings prove that the bounce rate and page impressions have improved significantly since the relaunch.

Andreas Huthwelker
Director Strategy Consulting
  • Jasmin Herkel
    UX/UI Design
  • Lu Nelson
    Frontend Architecture
    Technical implementation for TYPO3
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