GEAC – Gender Equality Advisory Council

UX and UI design as well as programming of a new G7 platform for equality

The Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC) is an advisory body of the G7 and provides responses and recommendations on gender equality. Experts from various disciplines and nationalities advocate for the fundamental principles of freedom, equal opportunity and dignity for women and girls around the world.

Novamondo accompanied the process of designing and developing GEAC's new website. It provides information about the Council's members, work, focus areas, and final outcomes - including contemporary science communication.

Through close and co-creative collaboration between the team GEAC and Novamondo, we developed an inspiring design for the website in just four weeks, with a strong focus on internationality, interculturalism, and multilingualism. The design also focused on shapes and colors, giving the website an authentic look and feel regardless of gender stereotypes. Pauline Cremer ( created the lively illustrations for the website.

  • Frontend and Backend Development
  • Web Design UI/UX (User Interface und User Experience Design)
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