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Redesign for HS 02 Huthwelker Stoehr & Partner

Giving life shape - HS 02 are experts in solution-oriented implementation of various building projects. Working together, they develop the client's ideas into a common vision. They contribute as consultants and designers and develop unique living spaces in harmony between people, nature awareness and technical possibilities.

Our collaboration for the redesign started with a co-creative UX strategy workshop in which we looked at and analysed the customer journey together. During the UI phase, we developed a design that is characterised by a bold and open character and now also represents HS 02's way of working and thinking in the best possible way visually. The website is used at trade fairs and in direct conversations for the presentation (of reference projects).

  • Corporate Design
  • User Experience Strategie
  • Web Design UI/UX (User Interface und User Experience Design)
  • Frontend and Backend Development

The new Corporate Design

The »building block elements« and the font of the logo have the same proportions and combine to form a unit that is concise and pictorial. The spelling and arrangement of the names has been simplified and reduced. The logo is completely black and is only used in one colour.

The primary colours of the corporate design are black, white and two defined shades of grey. Instead of a fixed accent colour, a colour palette was developed that allows for diversity in presentation. The composition is based on the four primary colours and is an interpretation inspired by the materiality of buildings and the surrounding nature.

The style of the icons is based on the reduced, monochrome language of the logo. For graphics, this can be extended with additional contour styles to enable more complex representations of floor plans or three-dimensional models.

The new corporate typeface »Termina« is a broad grotesque typeface that takes up space and thus subtly conveys the theme of architecture (»designing spaces«). The new appearance works with bold typography to create a recognition value across all media.

Images are photographed brightly and friendly in a natural light. Different perspectives and geometric compositions determine the composition of the images. People are shown in authentic work situations, which emphasises individuality and authenticity.

Click here for the new HS 02 website.

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