Branding and website of global development

Carrying sustainability into the world

The people at Global Development, working in Geneva and internationally, are pioneers, bridge builders and consultants for a new world. With their specialist expertise, they pave the way for forward-looking sustainability projects.

  • Corporate Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
Logo und Website

We supported Global Development in repositioning and branding. In this way, the thoughts and actions of the people behind the brand can be carried out into the world and their expertise communicated.

The focus was also on the redesign of the logo. This represents the three basic strategic orientations of the brand:

1 – Inspiring and making potential visible

2 – Networking of competences

3 – Transforming through new business models and collaborations

In addition to clear navigation and inspiring content, the website comes alive with personal statements and success stories from people involved in global development.

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