New World II – Always these contradictions

WEBINAR on challenges in designing sustainable digital solutions on Thursday, 13.8.2020, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

It is a common assumption that those who use digital solutions automatically consume fewer resources. However, a common problem with such self-evident facts is that crucial details are often overlooked.

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We would like to discuss with all participants the contradictions and challenges in the strategic design of sustainable digital solutions. With the help of inspiring and sometimes contradictory examples, we want to show how digital sustainability could also work.

Various experts will share their experiences with us:

1. Contradictions and challenges in the design of sustainable digital solutions.
An introductory report by the Novamondo team

2. The Planet Friendly Web – Why our web needs to become more sustainable and how we can do it.
A contribution by expert and “green web developer” Niklas Jordan

3. It is possible after all – online trade holistically and sustainably
A contribution by the expert and sustainability officer Patrick Zinner of the Austrian company Ringana GmbH.

Open discussion and conclusion

The MeetUp is aimed at people interested in sustainability, digital platforms, products and services, circular design, communication and the circular economy. Together we want to take up the challenge of discussing and further developing innovative possibilities for sustainable brand communication and circular design, also in the context of further MeetUps.

With our events, we would like to lay the foundation for the establishment of a network of interested parties and experts, in which we would like to promote and continue the exchange and mutual inspiration on similar topics.

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