MeetUp: How ecological transformation becomes a competitive advantage for SMEs

»Introduction of the Circular Applied Research Lab«

With this event on Wednesday, 16th March 2022 at 5 pm we would like to show you how egological transformation becomes a competitive advantage for SMEs. This is where our Circular Applied Research approach kicks in - a smart solution in order to gain competitive advantage. In this event we would like to introduce this lab and our vision to you and will share the process with you. Come and join us! We are looking forward to your constructive input!

Why this meetup-event?
The European Green Deal sets ambitious goals for Europe and the European economy. With the EU sustainable finance action plan and the EU taxonomy the European Union introduced powerful tools to drive the ecological transformation of the European economy forward. In 2023 over 50,000 SMEs will have to report their sustainability performance under the EU taxonomy – combining 75% of total EU companies’ turnover.

What’s the point?
While this is good news for the environment and our planet, it already causes a lot of distress for SMEs which are overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. SMEs often do neither have the resources – human or financial – nor the skills and knowledge to develop ecologically and economically sustainable solutions fast. This is where our Circular Applied Research approach kicks in.

What do you learn?
With the Circular Applied Research Lab and the structured process we seek to establish an interdisciplinary network of researchers and experts to support and enable SMEs to not only comply with the EU taxonomy but to see and use the ecological transformation as a chance to develop truly smart solutions in order to gain a competitive advantages.
In this MeetUp we introduce you to the lab and our vision, we will share the process and are looking for your constructive input. As we want the Circular Applied Research Lab to become a constant learning experience for everybody involved, we are inviting you as a potential client, mentor or even partner.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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Your organization team with our expersts Bastian von Lehsten, CEO and Luzius Rueedi, expert for innovation and network strategy

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